At BBCA, we foster a community driven approach for the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We believe that in order to make a change we need to inspire the youngest generations to study and understand the technological advancements taking place around us. The world that we will see tomorrow is shaped by the actions of our present, that is why we encourage our fellow university students to gain knowledge and experiences, becoming part of societal progress.



 In the Business Development team, we organize different activities that meet everyone's preferences! We write articles about news, blockchain applications, and cryptos. We organize workshops and calls to foster the learning of the association. We work on projects, case studies, and other content. This is the team where you can learn and get a broader taste of what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are about, but at the same time, here you can specialize in what you are passionate about.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

C. Darwin


We believe that connecting like minded Professionals and Students creates the most enticing opportunities.

Learning, Networking and Socializing are the three main pillars of success and can and should be combinable. This is the formula under which BBCA plans and carries out its diverse collection of events. 



The research department is intended to gather, develop and diffuse knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Among other goals, it is specially dedicated to:

- Understand the economic impacts of crytocurrencies;

- Apply and spread blockchain coding solutions;

- Perform fundamental analysis of blockchain-related projects;

- Collect and diffuse relevant notes, opinions and tips on blockchain system in favor of the Italian community


The Marketing team aims at spreading awareness around the world of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. We post our material on our website, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

On our Instagram page, we have many different formats target to both beginners and expert of the sector. 

Don't forget to check it out! 



 BSBCA Trading's Section focuses on the world of cryptocurrencies and their financial performance. We aim to shed light on a topic which is often regarded with fear and uncertainty from traditional traders and investors. We do that by hosting trading simulations/competitions, and by trying to build a solid knowdelge base for everyone in the section and in the association as a whole!