Meet the 2021 BsBCA Board, you can connect with us by clicking the photos that link to our Linkedln accounts.


Raffaele Geneletti


Raffaele Geneletti is a third year student in Economics at Bocconi University. He joined the association willing to share knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies with his peers. In the past semester, as head of the Business Development division, his aim was to coordinate the production of learning content for the association's members and the wider public. In the current semester, he was elected as President of the association, the goal of his mandate is to work together towards a collective learning process.

Finally, he was also involved in the project about Blockchain & Made in Italy, focusing on the applications for Arts and Culture.


Matteo Facta

Vice  President and Head of Marketing

Matteo is a finance undergraduate with a keen interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Starting his membership in BSBCA in the first semester of his first year, he is now the Head of Marketing and Vice-President. He aims at fostering the knowledge of decentralized finance and attracting more people to this revolutionary world whilst encouraging active learning in the association.

He took part in the Blockchain & Made in Italy project focusing on the automotive industry.


Raffaella Lovati

Head of Business Development

Raffaella is a last-year finance student at Bocconi University. She joined the association in 2019 to further her interest in cryptocurrencies and learn more about blockchain. Passionate about writing and researching, she entered the Research Team, where she worked on papers and articles. Her desire to give back to the association led her into the board as Head of HR. In this role, she is trying to pursue her goal of contributing to building this community of students passionate about this technology.


Pietro Frinconi

Head of Trading

Pietro is a first year student in the Master in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance, coming from an Economics and Finance background in Bocconi University. He joined the association last year and has just founded the Trading section, in order to broaden the horizons of the association and gather brilliant minds passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies.


Renato Lembe

Head of Research

Master student of Economics and Management of Government. Corporate credit risk analyst  with further experience in Agribusiness. Interested in macroeconomics, international trade, agriculture and finance.


Giacomo Altadonna 

Head of Human Resources

Giacomo is a second year Economics and Finance student. He joined the association last year and quickly became part of the board. During his Presidency, his main focus is the Blockchain for Made in Italy project. He currently leads the association's research project on DLT applicatons in the most important sectors of Fashion, Luxury, Art, Food, and Wine. Giacomo's interests also include football and reading. His favourite book is the Master and Margarita, by Michail Bulgakov.


Daniel Eid

Head of Events

Daniel is a second-year Economic and Social Sciences student at Bocconi University. He has a strong interest towards technology and its revolutionary impact on world economies. With the goal of aquiring further knowledge he joined the association last year as a member of the events team. He is now a member of the board as Head of this division with the aim of spreading interest to the wider public.