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Apple and Microsoft in 1980: Cardano and Ethereum now

The story of how Cardano (ADA) will soon challenge Ethereum (ETH)

ETH maximalists would say that Charles Hoskinson is running a highly overvalued ghost chain while many within the Cardano community would compare Charles to Steve Jobs. Just like there are many political stances, there are many project-oriented stances within crypto space. Thus, I intend to remain factually unbiased throughout this discussion despite my opinion: the Cardano blockchain will obtain greater value and utility by the end of 2021. Don’t get me wrong, Ethereum is a magnificent blockchain with great innovation and utility, but my aim is to discuss Cardano’s great benefits that will allow the platform to directly compete with Ethereum.

Regarding current value, ADA holds 1/5 of ETH’s market value, and while ADA hit all-time highs (ATH) in $ terms, ADA is yet to reach an ADA/ETH ATH.