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Blockchain & Football

How the blockchain can be used to tracking also in the world of football

Author: Ferri Giacomo

In recent years, it has become quite clear that blockchain can provide a great improvement in several industries. The main usage of this technology is represented by cryptocurrencies’ world. However, considering that we are dealing with a public decentralized register which is suitable for tracking almost every kind of good or service without a central control body, applications could be hypothetically infinite. For this reason, blockchain can guarantee authenticity in a more reliable way than any other mean. This versatility makes it desirable for mass adoption in many sectors. And what is one of the most unexpected environments in which this new technology can be applied?

The world of football is continuously evolving towards new horizons. Footballs “big names” have great fame and popularity all over the world. Merchandising is a great business for every club and guaranteeing the authenticity of the club’s items is becoming an important issue, in particular match-worn jersey authenticity. Fans, supporters and collectors should be protected from frauds. Blockchain technology is an efficient way to certified collectables. One of the first clubs adopting this new way to guarantee its products was ACF Fiorentina. Creating a digital copy of the physical item and tracing its “life keys” moments, this technology allows the club to fight counterfeiting. Also, other clubs are trialling blockchain collectables such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal. This end-to-end supply chain is an efficient solution for every product which needs traceability.