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Fairer Sport

How the blockchain can be used to combat doping in sports.

Author: Charles Gibson

    The results of a sporting event are outcomes of the performance of competitors: either in teams or as individuals. Certain substances can improve such performance to more than natural levels. They are known as doping substances. The history of doping as we know it today dates back to the 1960 Olympics where the first doping scandal occurred. Since then, people have been trying to fight it. These performance enhancement drugs are not fair since they lead to inconsistent results and unfair compensation for those who exploit them. This is why anti-doping testing started to take place in different sports events such as the Olympics, cycling races, football tournaments, and many others. Taking these tests has always been a problem in terms of organization, logistics, bribes, and corruption. Everybody knows the story of Lance Armstrong: the famous cyclist who won the Tour de France 7 times consecutively. Financially speaking th