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Is AI on Chain the future?

AI and Blockchains are two of the newest technologies that are conquering the web with their applications. However, is the mixture of these two technologies the final solution to most of our modern problems?

In late 2017 and early 2018, The SingularityNET Foundation was formed with the dream to create a new AI fabric that delivers superior practical AI functionality. SingularityNET provides an automated process that enables any business to connect existing AI tools to build the solution it needs. In the beginning, the foundation will populate the network with its own AI Agents, discerning between "core AI algorithmic services" and "high-level AI services". At the most abstract level, one can think of an AI service as a function with a set of inputs and outputs. The service could be a low-level service that does a specialized unit of work or a higher-level service that calls upon a series of lower-level services to complete its task. Many services will require powerful computing resources and will, therefore, work in the cloud. This way allows the network to be lightweight and perfectly doable also in low-power devices. On SingularityNET, the exchange currency is the AGI Token. With it, Token holders can purchase services in the marketplace and have voting rights in the network's democratic governance system.

For end-users who want to purchase access to the AI services available in the platform, the most relevant component is the Marketplace DApp, through which they can search and browse a collection of curated services for a large and ever-growing variety of AI tasks.

The SingularityNET reputation system will help Agents (whether human or themselves AIs) choose between the many AI services that perform the same function. Rating system design is complex since it is multidimensional then it will require to evolve with time. Some of the different dimensions are general service performance, timeliness, accuracy and value for money. But for a practical purpose, it is valuable to have a single-digit rating between 0 and 5. The rating system is critical for making choices about everyday transactions in the network, but it also plays a core role in network governance and resource allocation.

The SingularityNET platform currently depends on the Ethereum blockchain. To improve scalability and expand adoption, it will support other existing blockchain technologies. The Registry and the Multi-Party Escrow are the two critical Smart contracts. The Registry is where AI service providers reg