Who will follow Tesla and join Cryptospace? - One of the big Players of the Tech industry?

Tesla’s entry

The American e-car manufacturer Tesla invested 1.5 billion USD in Bitcoin in January 2021. The news promptly led to a new all-time high of the cryptocurrency. One Bitcoin cost more than 43,000 at times on Monday (08/02/2021), which corresponded to a plus of 12 percent compared to the previous day. Since then, the currency seems to have risen unstoppably. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had already spoken frequently about cryptocurrencies and also Bitcoin in the past. The mere mention of the hashtag Bitcoin on Musk's Twitter profile recently helped the cryptocurrency to jump by more than 10 per cent, but this quickly fizzled out again. The statement of US economist and Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff to the latest developments was quite direct, but certainly has a kernel of truth: "Zero interest rates can produce a lot of funny asset valuations. So that's certainly part of it."

Tesla's entry into the most important of cryptocurrencies could further increase their acceptance. And Tesla is not alone. In October, the payment service provider Paypal announced that it would allow its customers to trade in Bitcoin in the future, which led to a sharp price rise. But who is going to be next?