Meet The 2019 BBCA Board, you can connect with us by clicking the photos which link to our LinkedIn accounts.

Marc Emmanuel Georgijewitsch


Marc is a third year student in the BIEM at Bocconi University. Before moving to Milano he already studied 3 years of Law in Munich, Germany and Padova, Italy. In 2018 he joined BBCA, and quickly got elected to the board. He has already done an internship in the crypto-world, and is very passionate about Ripple, and will tell everyone who wants to (and also who doesn't want to) about Ripples benefits. As the new president of BBCA he now oversees the association in general and the HR department activities, that are necessary to bring BBCA to the next level. He is very passionate about recruiting new members that actively bring value to BBCA and puts a big emphasis on the educating role BBCA should take.

Giacomo Altadonna

Vice President 

Giacomo is a second year Economics and Finance student. He joined the association last year and quickly became part of the board. He really likes Mathematics and he is now learning how to code. He also enjoys football, field hockey, and reading. He is generally quite boring, but he may drop in a couple of good jokes now and then.

Bradley Wright

Head of Data Management

Brad is a third year bachelor student in economics hailing from rural Lancashire, after joining the association in early 2019 to further his interest in, and learn more about cryptocurrencies, he quickly ascended to the board in his current role as head of Data Management. With his background in competitive sport he tries to bring a sense of leadership and teamwork to the ever-evolving association.

Salma Abdellaoui

Head of Marketing


Salma is a finance undergrad student passionate about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She joined BBCA in the second semester of her first year and she is now starting her second year as head of marketing and social media.


Beatrice Cordioli

Head of Events

Beatrice Cordioli is a third year Economics and Management student at Bocconi University. She has a strong interest in Financial markets and in how cutting edge technologies can impact these and the wider economy. She subsequently decided to join the association to gain further knowledge on how blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies can be implemented in a variety of different sectors. As head of events her aim is to allow more and more people to explore this world.

Daniele Travaglia

Head of Research 

Daniel Travaglia is a third year Economics and Computer Science student at Bocconi University. He has a strong interest towards the tech industry and has recently widened his knowledge of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. As head of the consulting team, his aim is that of further dwelling into the topic and sharing his findings with the wider public.

Enrico Di Bert 

Head of Communications

Enrico is a second-year finance student at Bocconi University. He joined BBCA in 2018 and in 2019 he became a member of the board as head of communications. He loves technology and in particula its applied use in economy. He is passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and believes they can play a revolutionary role in the future of the finance industry.

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